13% of Brits don’t think global warming is real, and 17% are unsure

New research reveals that one in eight (13%) Brits admit they don’t think global warming is real – that’s 8.5 million people, or roughly the population of London.

The survey of 1,200 UK adults, conducted by GoCompare Energy, found that while most (70%) say they do believe in climate change, more than a quarter (27%) think the impact has been grossly exaggerated.

A quarter (24%) of respondents believe their daily actions, such as driving to work, have absolutely no effect on climate change. Almost half (48%) accept we might contribute to global warming, but that the impact is negligible.

Men and over-55s

Adults over 55 years old were most likely to think that global warming is a myth; this age group is also least likely to feel their day-to-day tasks have any contribution towards global warming.

Men are 1.5 times more likely than women to think climate change is fake.

Views around the UK

The cities least likely to believe in climate change are:

  1. Sheffield (23%)
  2. Belfast (19%)
  3. Plymouth (16%)
  4. Nottingham (16%)
  5. Newcastle (16%)

Only 7% of Liverpudlians think global warming is a myth, and nearly a fifth (19%) believe their actions have a significant effect on climate change – that’s 5% more than the nation as a whole.

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