Triodos Bank approaches banking from a completely different angle: it puts your money where your heart is

Triodos Bank finances inspiring and pioneering organisations that are addressing some of the biggest issues we face today – from the transition to a low carbon economy to care for the elderly and availability and affordability of social housing. These also happen to be the issues Triodos research shows are top priorities for savers.

Transparent banking

Triodos Bank only lends its savers’ money to organisations capable of making a positive social, environmental or cultural impact. The more money that’s saved with the bank, the more it can do to support the organisations striving to change the world for the better, in sectors ranging from organic food to renewable energy.

The bank only lends real money – money entrusted to it by its savers – and publishes details of every single organisation it lends to, so its savers and investors can see exactly how the bank’s using their money.

All its customers are helping to build a movement that’s cultivating positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Ethical savings accounts

Whether you need instant access to your money, are happy to lock it away for a fixed period to get a better return, wish to save money for your children’s future or want to take advantage of your tax-free ISA allowance, Triodos Bank has a savings account to help.

Let Triodos put your money where your heart is and use your savings as a force for good.

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