Art installation to launch P.E.A. Awards’ search for the South West’s green heroes

To mark the opening of entries and nominations to 2016’s P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, an art installation – in partnership with Good Energy – will be on show at Bristol’s Cascade Steps from 11-19 June as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week.

The public will be invited to interact with a series of infographics (see below) that reveal the collective impact of our everyday decisions – from the food we buy to the energy we use to power our homes. After reading the infographics, visitors will be invited to make a pledge to a film crew; they will then be recorded walking through a door to represent their commitment to a change in lifestyle.

The displays are a collaboration between and sustainability pioneers in business, including M&S and Yeo Valley. They show that one simple change could cut your personal carbon footprint by 50%, and demonstrate that each and every one of us, through our purchasing power, exercises our democratic right to support the status quo or help to shift it.

Best of the South West

This year, the P.E.A. Awards will launch a brand new category that puts the spotlight on Bristol, 2015’s European Green Capital.

While the usual categories will remain open to all, the Best of the South West awards will recognise the green heroes in and around Bristol who are true sustainability pioneers in the fields of Conservation, Energy, Finance, Food & Drink, Housing and Transport.

One overall champion will also be selected from the winners of each category.

Click here to find out more about the P.E.A. Awards, including how to enter or nominate.

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