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Published: 14 March 2015

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


Fascinated and intrigued by many requests for a new eye product, I embarked on the new challenge: dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

The unbearable morning look of dark shadows and puffiness around the eyes can’t be blamed on the skin alone!

Over the years of my medical practice I have noticed how stress, bad habits – and, of course, the inevitable passing of time – influence our eyes and their contour, often producing dark circles and what we commonly call ‘puffy eyes’.

The causes

There are several causes – such as excess salt, fatigue, lack of sleep, allergies and ageing of the skin – so when I put my inventor hat on, the idea was to drain toxins from the area and stimulate local blood circulation.

Not an easy problem to tackle, this one – but Nature is an endless source of goodness and wisdom. After several doings and undoings, I found the perfect synergy of flowers and herb extracts with unique anti-oxidant and astringent benefits that really work together to fit the bill.

Science, know-how and alchemy – blended with a pinch of intuition – have given life to a new skin delight: Inlight Under Eye Revive.

Below are some of the ingredients in Inlight organic skincare’s Under Eye Revive.

The magic ingredients

Arnica montana (arnica) flower extract, part of the Compositae family (which also includes chamomile and calendula), grows in the mountains and is very well known for its power to reduce swelling.

Centaurea cyanus (cornflower) flower extract is a magnificent, humble blue flower often seen peeping out above corn crops in summer. The blue colour comes from Protocyanin; its astringent properties have been renowned for centuries.

Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract is a medicinal plant known all over the world for its anti-oxidant and astringent properties.

Coffea arabica (green coffee) seed extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is highly anti-oxidant and astringent.

Centella asiatica (hydrocotyl) leaf extract is rich in saponines, which strengthen the connective tissue and promote elasticity. It is vasotonic (meaning it calms the tone of veins).

Myrciaria dubia (camu camu) fruit extract, also called ‘powerfruit’, is native to the deep Amazon rainforest. It’s one of the richest berry sources of vitamin C, and is an extraordinarily powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Arctium lappa (burdock) root extract is a very special medicinal plant that can purify, detox and drain the excess of liquid from the surface of the skin, improving its tone and texture.

Corylus avellana (hazelnut) seed oil is rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s very soothing and has astringent and nourishing qualities.

For more information about Dr Spiezia and the alchemical processes behind Inlight Organic Skincare, visit Inlight’s website.

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