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Published: 21 April 2015

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


A group of artists from London and Yorkshire will be in Leeds this week to encourage the city to question its relationship with the environment.

As part of the UK-touring Human Nature, some of London’s best street artists will be at work bringing thought-provoking painting, sculpture and colour to the streets of Leeds.

Human Nature environmental art show – it’s back, and it’s bigger

Cutting-edge art

Launched in London last year, Human Nature Show is a mixed medium exhibition showcasing photography, paintings, street art, sculpture, artworks made from salvaged materials and the very best in cutting-edge environmental art.

‘We face huge challenges in how we interact with Nature, and who better to explore our relationship with the world than artists? Our artists question the very essence of our humanity, explore what drives us to connect to our environment and how we’re responding to Nature’s call to adapt to a world of finite resources.’

Charlotte Webster, founder and curator of Human Nature

Human Nature artists

There will be murals of endangered birds from ATM, miniature paintings on chewing gum by Ben Wilson and a hidden trail of bronze sculptures questioning our addiction to fossil fuels by secretive artist Jonesy.

In addition to street art, Human Nature will include sculpture made from lost and found objects by London’s Lesley Hilling plus evocative oils from Northern Ireland’s Nicola Nemec. Anna Lilleengen and Felicia Charles will represent Yorkshire’s talent, joined by Matt Forster, a landscape painter from Northumbria.

Oil and the arts

The exhibition, which is supported by Abundance, the leading renewable energy crowd funders, will be showing at The Gallery at Munro House from 23 April-2 May.

‘We’re delighted to help bring Human Nature to Leeds. Whilst oil companies currently fund many of our biggest art institutions, the social and financial organisations of tomorrow can help the arts thrive in a modern, democratic way.

‘The show reflects a radical shift which is occurring in our culture and economy. We need art to do more than just show us a cynical reflection of ourselves and our consumerism. We need art that says something about the world we are wasting and the value that exists in Nature which we should all want to ensure is passed on to the next generations.’

Bruce Davis, co-founder and joint managing director of Abundance

Exploring connections

Featuring 50 works from 15 artists, Human Nature explores our complex relationship with the environment in a time of increasing pressure to reduce our impact on the world. It looks at issues of climate change, extinction and man’s fundamental connection to Nature.

‘We’re excited about the opportunity to host a show whose message and ethos is demonstrated so cleverly by this diverse group of talented artists. We’re confident that this show will encourage people to think again about how they interact with Nature and their environment.’

Ellie Andrews, The Gallery at Munro House

Human Nature is also being supported by and Yorkshire-based Ecology Building Society, Liquitex, Earthborn paints and PQ Magazine.

Following its Leeds tour, Human Nature will head to Bristol and London. Click here for more information and to view exhibiting artists.

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