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Hyperspectral study reveals positive impact of organic, small-batch beauty products on the skin

Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

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Published: 4 January 2022

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod

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Main image: Inlight filtering rosebuds

Dr Spiezia’s passion for the natural world, ancestral traditions and the quantum vision has been part of the Inlight artisanal production process from the very beginning.

But Dr Spiezia never imagined this fond belief at the base of all Inlight’s formulas would eventually be visibly measured.

‘Alchemy has its place in my formulations and the ‘slow beauty’ production process: imagine taking multiple elements of nature and recombining them in a new way to produce something unique which reacts to our bodies, our lips, skin, our senses, by aligning its molecular vibrations to a higher level thus enabling our own body vibration to align to those of nature, the mother of us all. Harmony, beauty, nature, people, become one.’

Inlight formulator and skin expert

Proving a beauty product’s efficacy

It has never been easy to scientifically prove that a product’s efficacy can be attributed not only to its ingredients and formulation, but also to the way it is produced – until now.

Regarded Italian researcher Mr Gulla, expert in Hyperspectral imaging, has carried out a study testing Inlight Beauty products and similar or equivalent products – organic, water-free products produced in small batches – currently on the market.

The research was carried out in the controlled environment of a scientific laboratory, with a specific equipment and a patented software for data post-processing.

The investigation was then analysed further by scientist Dr Milani, a researcher and professor in material science.

Hyperspectral imaging

‘We could define the Hyperspectral imaging as an ‘artificial eye’ that allows us to ‘see’ the reflected electromagnetic waves of a product or material on a much larger wavelengths’ scale than our human eye’, says Dr Milani.

The data collected – or ‘fingerprints’ of the products tested – show information on the absorption, chemical composition and molecular organisation (entropy), all of which can be measured and broken down to determine the beneficial effects on the skin.

‘The vision and understanding of life and how it works is rapidly changing according to the new perspectives brought about by the laws of quantum physics. It is now more evident than ever that matter is ‘alive’ and that it responds to our influences’

Inlight formulator and skin expert

A positive skin response

The results, upon and after application, were very clear. Inlight showed:  

  • More luminosity and radiance (higher biophotons emission from the skin)
  • Higher thermal activity (better blood and lymphatic flow)
  • Lower entropy (optimum self-organisation at a molecular level, resulting in a more effective and  uniform interaction with the skin, immediately upon application and ever greater over time)
  • Bespoke techniques during production show a positive impact on the matter emitting one-third more photons, proving a greater vitality of the active ingredients

‘This scientific investigation is a step forward in assessing the significant effect that subtle energies generated by specific techniques – as for the Inlight products some bespoke production procedures – can have in influencing the matter of our body and the overall wellbeing and generate an increased positive and energetic skin response to the products.’ 

Researcher and professor in material science

These are very exiting results and testament that Dr Spiezia’s philosophy and bespoke production process does indeed produce products that work with your skin rather than just on it, allowing your best self to radiate from the inside out.

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