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Dr Spiezia’s tips for healthy, glowing skin this summer

Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

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Published: 25 July 2015

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


Summer has arrived, blue skies and bright sunshine are on the horizon and we all want our skin looking its best through the summer months.

If you’re anything like us you’ll grab every moment you can to be outdoors through the summer. This is one of the joys of the warmer weather – but it brings with it a fresh set of challenges for our skin.

From being out in the sun to swimming in the sea, our skin will go through a lot if we enjoy summer to its fullest. From here’s our list of tips for great-looking skin this summer.

Eat the rainbow

No, we don’t mean eat lots of Skittles! Eating a varied diet, full of natural, organic, colourful ingredients, will do wonders for your skin, your body and your wellbeing.

Make sure your diet includes a medley of fresh veg as this will give your immune system a boost, improve your energy levels and give you wonderfully clear skin. Try to avoid processed foods and foods packed with sugar as the chemicals in them will lead to impurities in your skin.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps to flush toxins and waste products from our body, prevents dehydration, and helps us look better, too.

Start your day with a glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon in it. This will kick-start the detoxification of your skin each day. Healthy skin is hydrated skin so if you want your skin to look good you have to drink plenty.

Exercise more

Regular exercise helps improve physical, chemical and emotional health – and by making us feel good, it helps our skin look good.

Exercise is something our bodies crave and frequently don’t get enough of. It’s a great way to let off steam and reduce stress as well as helping our body release endorphins which make us feel good. Regular exercise isn’t about getting sweaty in a gym, it can be anything from a lunchtime walk to cycling to work.

Sleep better

There’s a reason it’s called a beauty sleep! The body goes into repair and recovery mode when it sleeps.

By sleeping better you’ll be giving your skin chance to recover and retain its healthy glow rather than looking tired and drained. If you have trouble drifting off, why not try our Organic Night Balm? It’s full of ingredients that will help you wake up to beautiful, glowing skin.

Treat your skin to oil

Whether it’s Inlight Daily Face Oil or Body Oil, the regular use of oil on your skin this summer will help protect it, nourish it and let its beauty shine through.

‘Some clients and patients often ask me why they should use oil on the skin. The answer is very simple: if you use water would you be able to clean you face from dead cells and pollutants or simply from the skin impurity? You can use water to refresh your face but not to cleanse or nourish it!’

Dr Spiezia

Water will refresh your face in the hot weather but oil will cleanse and nourish it. Once you try the Daily Face Oil as part of your skincare regime, you’ll never look back!

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