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Sea Arch Drinks Ltd are a dedicated non-alcoholic drinks producer based on the coast in South Devon. Inspired by the sights and sounds of the glorious Devon coastline, Sea Arch is made using traditional distillation techniques. Its delicate balance of eleven carefully selected all natural botanicals, to include sea kelp and samphire, juniper, blood orange, cardamon and coriander, gives an intense, yet inviting depth of flavour.
Sea Arch Coastal Juniper spirit can be enjoyed as a delicious Sea & T poured into an elegant glass over ice with a twist and a premium tonic. The ready to drink Sea & T cans are a convenient and refreshing way to enjoy Sea Arch on the go. As uplifting as a walk on the beach and just as good for you!
Sea Arch founders love and live by the coast, its where they work and play. They understand the importance of protecting it and are working to ensure that Sea Arch continually minimises its impact on the environment. They use lead free paint on the bottles, recycled cardboard, and plastic-free packaging.
They also work in partnership with the Seahorse Trust to raise awareness and funds to support the amazing work they do in the preservation of sea life and the fragile marine ecosystem.