You’ve Already Done That!

We created the ‘Don’t Change’ campaign to show you’re already doing more than you think. Now it’s a case of continuing on this journey together to create a fairer, healthier and happier world.

We’re living in a system that’s broken, a system that prioritises wealth over health. Our mental and physical health – plus the health of animals, plants and oceans – currently has a backseat, but together we can change that.

The way you shop and the things you buy can have a positive impact on the planet and help it (and us) to thrive again.

To help you switch mainstream products for ethical alternatives, we’re sharing a discount code for the My Green Pod Marketplace. Get 10% off with the discount code: MGP10

This video was created by, a video production company that stepped forward in lockdown to make a difference. To find out more about what does and why, click here.