*Slash £200 off a medium household bill (compared with the average Big Six Standard Variable Tariff)

Instead of being told what to do, we want to do what we believe is right — which starts with paying energy prices that are fair and using power that’s from renewable sources.

This isn’t a ‘tease and squeeze’ deal from a Big Six energy supplier: the price you’ll pay over the next few years will reflect the wholesale cost of energy. You’ll save at least £200 on a medium household bill compared to the average Big Six Standard Variable Tariff, and all charges will be very clear.

If you don’t like our offer, don’t accept it.
No catch.

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You’re one step closer to an energy deal that’s fairer to you and kinder to the planet.

Let us make you an offer you’re free to accept or decline. Sound good? Read on.

Let us do the legwork to help save you over £200 off a medium household bill compared to the average Big Six Standard Variable Tariff (and help save the planet as a bonus).

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Introducing Octopus Energy

The provider we’re putting forward is Octopus Energy. They’ve agreed that the more people sign up, the better the deal will be (we told you it was fairer!).

Octopus Energy are a new British-born energy supplier.

Here’s what makes them different:

  • They’re geared up to make customers’ lives better, while being as kind as possible to the planet
  • They’re the UK’s largest investor in solar generation
  • They give fair, transparent pricing that reflects the wholesale cost of energy
  • They give you control of your supply, which means you’re free to leave at any time — with no exit fees or tie–ins
  • You choose the tariff that’s right for you, but if you want to change it (or leave), you can
  • They also have pretty fantastic customer service that’s fast and flexible

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