Win a 3-month RE-NU-ME supply!

Your chance to win a skin or hair supplement supply worth £219

Two lucky winners will get their hands on a supply of clean, green, zero-waste supplements from RE-NU-ME®.

These 100% natural and eco-conscious products have been created to help you reach your health, wellness, fitness and beauty goals.

The phytonutrient supplements are targeted to effectively activate your defences for a better you and a better planet!

The goal at RE-NU-ME® is simple: to create innovative, affordable supplements that help everyone to look good and feel great, by taking control of what goes into your body and empowering you with great choices.

Whether that’s understanding the science behind every product formula, telling you where the packaging comes from or simply cutting out the nonsense.

RE-NU-ME® uses premium vegan ingredients and sustainable plastic-free packaging that has a minimum impact on the environment. The company also donates 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits.

It’s striving to do things better: better packaging, better ingredients, better advice and better results.

One winner will receive a three-month supply of RE-NU-ME®’s exclusive pre-launch DermaSMART® Skin Support Supplements! A runner-up will receive a three-month supply of TrichoSMART® Hair Support Supplements. Both prizes come with a reusable bottle.

Closing Date: 23 July 2021

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