25 winners will have a tree planted in their name

Treedom is a fantastic platform that plants a tree for you and allows you to follow its growth online.

You can choose your tree based on its meaning, carbon capture capacity or the area the tree will be planted – or simply the tree you like most.

All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities.

Every tree on Treedom is geo-localised and photographed and has its own online page. You can watch your tree grow and even send it a message; you can choose whether to keep your tree or virtually gift it to someone else.

As it grows, your tree will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and will release oxygen, improving air quality. Use the ‘Capture CO2’ feature to find out how much CO2 you emit every day and capture it with the help of your trees.

25 lucky winners will have a Treedom tree planted in their name!

Closing Date

Closing Date: 15 April 2020

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