Generate your own power and store it in a Smart Battery until you need it

Moixa Smart Battery
The Moixa Smart Battery

Think battery-powered homes are the stuff of science fiction? Think again!

Smart batteries harness the sun’s energy and then store the power until you need it. They work in tandem with solar panels to help slash your electricity bill and carbon footprint.

The Moixa Smart Battery is a small unit that sits under the stairs or in the garage. It’s charged either directly from solar panels during the day or using cheap electricity via Economy 7 at night.

This package from Moixa combines a 2kWh Moixa Smart Battery and a 2kWp solar PV system for your house.

Some of Moixa’s customer’s are saving up to 70% off their power bills, and they will all also earn 20 years of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments.

One lucky winner will receive a Moixa home solar and battery package worth £5k!

Closing date for entries – 30 April 2018.

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Ts & Cs

  • To be randomly shortlisted for Moixa’s eligibility check, please provide eligible email contact information and address
  • Only five candidates will be drawn and shortlisted to check their eligibility, a competition winner will be chosen only from these candidates that passed an onsite solar survey and will receive FREE solar panels and Moixa Battery
  • The runners-up from the shortlist will receive MyGreenPod vouchers equivalent to the value of £50
  • Moixa is prepared to install seven panels, which will be of solar PV, as well as a Moixa Smart Battery
  • Moixa will access your property using Easy deck platforms – if your property requires the use of scaffolding, you will not be eligible as your installation is not considered standard

Some eligibility criteria

  • Winner must not already have solar PV installed on their property
  • Winner must have an EPC rating of D or above to be eligible to win
  • Winner must be the homeowner and freeholder of the property
  • Winner must be able to fit at least seven panels (1650mm x 993mm)
  • Winner must be available for survey within two weeks of shortlisting
  • Winner must have a working internet connection
  • Winner must have an accessible east/west/south-facing roof elevation
  • Battery must be installed in a suitable space (490mm x 308mm x 240mm) within 10m of consumer unit
  • All panels to be installed on a single pitched elevation
  • The property must be located on Mainland England (excluding Isle of man, Isle of Wight etc.)
  • By participating in this competition, you agree to be contacted by Moixa in the future and potentially appear in a publication in the future showcasing your installation


All competitions adhere to our Terms & Conditions

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