Shopping secondhand is easier, quicker and saves you money with 2Hand!

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Secondhand searching tool that saves time, money and the planet
  • 2Hand.co.uk searches lots of sites for you at the same time
  • Set up an alert to keep searches going
  • Choose national or local searches (or do both together)
  • Set up searches around several locations simultaneously

2Hand is helping to make secondhand first choice.

Instead of logging on to lots of different individual websites, users type into one search bar and 2Hand will search through all the sites it’s connected to, delivering a wide set of results in one go.

Set up an alert and 2Hand will do the legwork for you everyday while you do something more fun!

As well as helping you find the find things you need, 2Hand also helps you understand the impact of choosing preloved or upcycled items.

You can explore blogs, tips and hacks on how to live (and enjoy!) life with a lighter footprint.

2Hand lets you join the circular economy with your everyday shopping choices – it saves time, money and the planet in one go.

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2Hand is an aggregator of the secondhand marketplace. It puts lots of sites into one location, making it easier to find what you need with only one search and up to three locations.

2Hand is growing its connections each month to give you an increasingly wider choice. It does the hard work, helping you to get off your screens and have some fun.

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