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ALT. Drinks

Organic and alcohol-free sparkling wine

  • Organic, vegan, alcohol-free sparkling wine that is low in sugar.
  • Made with organic chardonnay and tempranillo grapes from Spain.
  • Rosé and chardonnay available.
  • Made using traditional methods of wine production.
  • Aroma-recovery methods maintain the flavours of the de-alcoholised wine.

This new range of organic, vegan-friendly, alcohol-free sparkling wine alternatives doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Alt. Drinks combines the traditional methods of wine production with innovative flavour-capturing technology to create what we believe to be the best-tasting non-alcoholic sparkling wines on the market.

The grapes follow a traditional wine-making process that begins with hand harvesting to pressing and fermenting in stainless steel containers.

Once the wine has been produced, it then goes through a de-alcoholisation process – including vacuum distillation at low temperatures – together with aroma-recovery methods to maintain the flavours and aromas of the wine.

The result is an uncompromising sparkling wine alternative.

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