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Eco Roast Coffee The Barista Blend #3

A rich and vibrant dark roast coffee blend

  • Innovative zero-waste coffee production
  • Award-winning roasting technology
  • Unique, closed-loop roasting technology, using waste coffee to power the roasters
  • Ethically sourced coffee beans from Fairtrade growers around the globe
  • Deliciously responsible coffee that doesn’t cost the Earth

Eco Roast Coffee produces fresh batches of beautiful coffees for everyone to enjoy.

With its Eco Roast technology, it harnesses the valuable energy from used coffee grounds to power its roasting machines.

This clean, zero-waste, multi-award winning technology diverts used coffee from landfill and turns it into super efficient bio-fuels, and fresh coffee is then roasted with the converted heat. Ethically sourced, eco roasted and deliciously responsible – this is the coffee of the future.

Barista Blends Collection – BLEND #3, 100% Arabica Coffee made using Fair Trade Coffees, Dark Roasted

This dark roast, heavy bodied coffee has notes of treacle, cedarwood and bourbon, with very little acidity and a lingering liquorice finish.

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