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Fungtn Lion’s Mane IPA

Alcohol-free beer made with adaptogenic mushrooms

  • Brewed with functional mushrooms to help restore balance and keep mind and body on good form
  • 100% vegan and gluten free
  • Contains a natural enzyme that gobbles up the gluten to less than 10 parts per million
  • Alcohol free (0.5% ABV) to create social ceremony with more mindful choices
  • Traditional craft beer, using gentle capped fermentation to always stay hangover free

This deep, earthy alcohol-free IPA is enhanced with organic lion’s mane mushroom, with high notes of peach and stone fruit.

Fungtn is the first adaptogenic alcohol-free beer brand to brew with functional mushrooms.

The company wanted to go beyond simply removing the alcohol for a more mindful beer and create additional positive wellness by including adaptogens.

Adaptogens are plants and fungi that have additional bioavailable compounds that help our bodies adapt to stress, support our immunity and maintain natural balance.

Lion’s mane mushrooms have an earthy, nutty, bitter flavour profile – very similar to hops, so they pair perfectly in a crisp, refreshing beer.

No, your beer won’t taste like mushroom – but it will help keep your mind and body on good form!

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