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Good Energy Heat Pump

Heat your home using renewables with a bespoke heat pump system designed for your home

Good Energy Heat Pump
  • End-to-end support to make it simple to upgrade to efficient, renewable heating.
  • Designed with optimum efficiency in mind, reaching an average of 340%.*
  • Cut your carbon heating footprint by 65% compared with a gas boiler.*
  • Self-builds, retrofits and period properties covered.
  • 10-year warranty and remote monitoring capabilities for long-term reassurance.

One of the most significant ways you can cut your carbon footprint is upgrade to a heat pump and keep your home warm using renewable energy.

Good Energy’s in-house experts design your green heating system bespoke to your home. From your design consultation to installation and industry-leading aftercare, the process of getting efficient, reliable and comfortable heating is made as simple as possible.

Good Energy’s bespoke approach to design means its heat pump systems are on average 20% more efficient than industry standards. They’re four times more efficient than gas or oil boilers and generate 65% less carbon emissions.

And because heat pumps are so efficient, they cost less to run (especially if you also have solar panels).

With most heat pump installs eligible for a £7,500 saving from the government Boiler Upgrade Scheme, there’s never been a better time to explore the benefits of a heat pump for your home.

My Green Pod readers can get £400 off a heat pump or solar installation from Good Energy. Use the discount code MYGP2024 when you visit to get a quote.

About Good Energy’s Midea heat pumps

Quiet: Midea models operate below 41 db.
Hassle free: Your heat pump keeps your home at a constant, comfortable temperature. Plus heat pumps need less maintenance, and remove the need to top up a gas or oil tank, if you’re off grid.
Suitable for old and new houses: Each install is bespoke to your property. With an in-depth design consultation, Good Energy recommends any updates needed to make your home as warm as you’d like it to be.

*For full details on carbon savings and heat pump efficiency, go to

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