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Good Energy Solar

Reduce your bills and make your home more energy independent with solar panels and a battery from Good Energy Solar

Good Energy Solar
  • Save over £600 on your electricity bill by generating renewable electricity.*
  • Premium hardware including SunPower solar panels and Tesla Powerwall, with long-term warranties.
  • Bespoke systems designed and installed by a Premium Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.
  • No third-party contractors; installation teams are directly employed by Good Energy.
  • Easy export tariff set-up, with exclusive rates for Good Energy Solar customers.

Save over £600* on your bills and earn money through an export tariff with Good Energy Solar.

By powering your home with renewable solar energy, you will also be reducing your carbon emissions and your contribution to climate change.

You can use the power you generate straight away or store it for later in your battery. You could even use your panels to help charge an EV or run a heat pump.

As well as supplying 100% renewable electricity for over two decades, Good Energy Solar supports over 100,000 homes generating solar power.

Good Energy Solar’s expert team will make sure getting solar panels is as simple and seamless as possible.

The solar installers are fully MCS certified, plus all installations are backed by the HIES consumer guarantee for total reassurance.

My Green Pod readers can get £400 off a heat pump or solar installation from Good Energy. Use the discount code MYGP2024 when you visit to get a quote.

Good Energy Solar offers a wide choice of the latest hardware to suit different budgets – including SunPower Maxeon ultra efficient solar panels, SolarEdge inverters to maximise your solar generation and Tesla Powerwall.

You will also get paired apps that help you understand how much power you’re generating, using and exporting.

Each of the products has been chosen for quality, reliability and value, and they are all protected by long-term warranties.

You can add or upgrade items following your initial design proposal, to tailor your installation to your exact specifications.

EV chargers include myenergi zappi, with smart charging modes that make it simple to power up your EV from your panels.

*See estimated savings at

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