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Heyland & Whittle Geranium & Oud Diffuser

An eco-friendly and sustainable way to fragrance your home

Heyland & Whittle Geranium Oud Diffuser
  • Rich and fresh fragrance.
  • Packaged in 100% recycled, recyclable card.
  • Easy to use – just flip the reeds over when needed.
  • An eco-friendly, sustainable way to fragrance your home 24/7.
  • Vase made from 100% recycled glass, which can be repurposed as a vase or water jug.

This luxurious, eco-friendly diffuser is fresh and rich, scented with a blend of green, peppery geranium with sweet, smoky oud and fragrant hints of rose, jasmine and praline.

Heyland & Whittle’s recycled glass room diffusers are a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way to bring fresh, nature-inspired fragrances into your house.

Reed diffusers are longer lasting and have a far greater natural aesthetic than plug-in diffusers, which can also contain synthetic parfums.

This diffuser is simple to use and can be reinvigorated by flipping the rattan reeds if the scent throw appears to have reduced.

When the reeds are immersed in the liquid, they draw the scent up through the reeds and diffuse it around the room.

Great care has been taken to use recycled or recyclable packaging and containers with this product, so you can be sure that if the plastic has not already been recycled, it can be after you have finished using it.

The recycled glass vessels are also objects of beauty, so you have the choice to upcycle it yourself as a vase or recycle it with your other glass bottles.

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