Heyland & Whittle Hibiscus & White Tea Candle

An eco-friendly, sustainable way to fragrance your home

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Lovely woody citrus aroma.
  • Made with sustainable soy wax.
  • Burns for over 45 hours.
  • An eco-friendly and sustainable way to fragrance your home.
  • The recyclable glass vase can be repurposed as a glass or cup.

This luxurious, eco-friendly candle is calming and relaxing, blending woody citrus notes with gentle florals.

Made with sustainable soy wax, the candle will burn with a clean, even burn for over 45 hours.

Soy wax is the sustainable alternative to paraffin wax, as it can be harvested ethically from soybeans rather than crude oil.

The relaxing Hibiscus & White Tea fragrance can bring some serious feel-good benefits to the home. The candle would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys aromatherapy.

Great care has been taken to use recycled or recyclable packaging and containers; if the plastic has not already been recycled, it can be after you have finished using it.

The candle vessel can be re-purposed again and again – as drinks glasses, vases, or biscuit and snack bowls.

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