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Inlight Organic Supreme Eye Serum

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  • This precious fluid – 100% organic and GM-free – contains a galaxy of skin-loving plant, flower and fruit extracts to plump, firm, smooth and replenish
  • Two drops a day will deliver a new luminous beauty to tired eyes
  • Supreme Eye Serum also contains three genuine ethically sourced gemstones: sapphire, ruby and zircon
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Category: Bathroom > Skincare

Artisan authentic luxury for an ageless eye contour, this is a precious, lasting gift from the ultimate 21st-century beauty alchemist, Dr Spiezia.

Eyes are everything. They are revered as the gateway to the soul and when they fail to sparkle, nothing is guaranteed to make us feel more out of sorts, tired and un-beautiful. We want sparkle and radiance at any age, and to put back what life, stress, lack of sleep and a 100mph life take out.

As the years go by, the skin around the eye area becomes gossamer thin, while the loss of collagen and fat produces fine lines and wrinkles.

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum is the culmination of two years’ meticulous research to find an exquisite synergy of plants, flowers and gems to create a dynamic, super-charged serum that delivers exceptional regeneration and renewed radiance to the delicate eye contour area.

‘Heartisan’ skincare – Loredana Spiezia is the female dynemite behind Inlight organic