Tailored sustainable meal plans, from chefs & personal trainers

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  • Bespoke zero-waste meal plans
  • Individually tailored weekly menus and recipes
  • 3 plans: Weight Loss, Nutritional balance, Muscle Gain
  • Help reduce household food waste
  • Monitored progress and support whilst on the plan

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Each weekly menu from LagomFit has been intuitively designed to make use of readily available fresh ingredients, used in creative ways to cut down on buying lots of ingredients over the course of a week.

Following the plan you will see that eating healthily doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

The plan is designed to help reduce household food waste by creating a closed loop system where all food bought is eaten or fed back into the system via composting, sharing or being used creatively in other dishes.

Being more mindful about the food that comes in and out of the house can make a huge difference to your wallet – and the planet.

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The LagomFit plans come with an in-depth intro to the plan of your choice, explaining everything from how the plan functions to kitchen tips and tricks.

  • Weight Loss plan – 12 weeks – Standard (meat & fish), vegetarian and plant based
  • Balance plan – 10 weeks – Standard (meat & fish), vegetarian and plant based
  • Muscle Gain plan – 12 weeks – Standard (meat & fish)

Once you have picked your plan, you’ll be given an in-depth questionnaire that will help build your unique profile. From here the recipes are tailored to fit in with your activity levels.

Each recipe is clearly marked with allergies; as chefs, founders Olly and Martyn can give independent advice on which ingredients will work best if you want to swap something out of a recipe.

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