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PJ Ginger & Lime Kombucha

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  • A raw, premium and unmanipulated kombucha, rich in natural live cultures
  • 100% organic and certified vegan by the Vegan Society
  • A nutritionist-endorsed and pure kombucha, with no additives, preservatives or other nasties
  • Deliciously refreshing, PJ Ginger & Lime Kombucha is often compared with a healthy ginger beer
  • Craft brewed in the UK using traditional methods for a great taste
  • Made with hand cut and cold pressed Peruvian ginger and Brazilian limes
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If you’re looking for a healthy soft drink that’s low in sugar, calories and much more, PJ Ginger & Lime Kombucha is for you. PJ Kombucha is a fermented tea brewed using a scoby, or Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast, that converts the sugary tea solution into the next generation, functional kombucha soft drink.

Kombucha is naturally rich in beneficial bacteria and yeasts that restore and maintain your gut bacteria. Among other benefits, it can improve digestion, support your natural immune system and improve energy levels.

At the PJ Kombuchery in Birmingham, Patrick O’Connor, head brewer and director of PJ Kombucha, is dedicated to producing an authentic and unmanipulated kombucha that can be enjoyed by all and that’s made using traditional processes.

For every bottle of PJ Kombucha sold, a proportion of the profits go towards supporting the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit (BMAPU) in South Africa. The BMAPU is a mainly female unit that takes a no-gun approach to the poaching issue, through education, job creation and social uplift in communities around the reserve.

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml

ENERGY: 287KJ / 21 cals
PROTEIN: <0.1g
FAT: <0.1g
SUGAR: 3.1g
SODIUM: <5mg


Tea*, filtered water, unrefined raw cane sugar*, limes*, ginger*, wild kombucha scoby

*Organic certified ingredients

PJ Kombucha is available online and in selected retail stores, hotels and spas. For stock enquiries, contact