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The Coffee Hub Group

A collection of environmentally conscious coffee and tea brands

The Coffee Hub Group Logo
  • Award-winning product ranges
  • Innovative & inspiring brands that reach to every corner of the industry
  • Ethically sourced products and ingredients from all around the world
  • Environmentally conscious: waste reduction and sustainability are core ethics to the group
  • Best practice is a driving force in each of the unique brands within the group

The Coffee Hub Group represents a collection of amazing brands, each with coffee, inspiration and innovation at the heart of their business.

Collectively, they work together to promote great products with great ethics.

The Coffee Hub Group supports each of the brands in their quest to produce amazing quality products whilst being acutely aware of their own carbon footprint.

This internal mindset has created an organic evolution of ethical improvement across all brands. Each brand reaches a new part of the industry whilst tackling carbon emissions, waste reduction, ethical sourcing, sustainability, environmentally friendly packaging and many other aspects of business best practice.

Coffee Hub Group brands

LVL9 Products
Nootropic Coffees – perfect for balancing the mind and body (retail products).

Flaming Dorset Products
Hamper and subscription coffees – a core range of amazing blends in eye-catching packaging (retail and subscription).

Krafty Goat Products
Oak Roasted Single Estate Coffees – a unique opportunity to sponsor peer-to-peer coffee, generating profit for growers and sponsors.

Small Batch Roasting Products
Green Coffee Supply – a platform for many coffee growers to showcase their products to the small-batch roasting market.

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