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The Kentish Soap Company Blissful Soap

Blissful Soap is a handmade vegan soap bar with no plastic packaging or palm oil

  • Each bar is handmade with love.
  • Palm oil free and always has been.
  • Our packaging is all plastic free.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Natural with no artificial colours or fragrances.

The Kentish Soap Company’s Blissful Soap is a lovely warm blend of natural essential oils that include sweet orange and geranium. Attractively coloured with natural annatto, it is made from olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and shea butter. Each bar weighs approximately 85g and comes in plastic-free packaging.

The soap bars can also be purchased as part of The Kentish Soap Company’s zero waste subscription service, with an option to include a natural shampoo bar.

Long before The Kentish Soap Company ever made its first bar of soap, it has always cared about the environment and promised to always continue this love affair.

The handmade soaps are made with the most delicious and soothing ingredients found in nature’s pantry, using the traditional cold-process method starting with unique blends of natural oils and butters selected for their skin-nurturing properties.

All products come in plastic-free packaging and don’t contain any palm oil. Soaps that smell as good as they feel and they’ll last longer than your average plastic bottle of shower gel. They’re vegan-friendly too.

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