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The POD Point – electric car charging point

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  • Perfect for charging your electric car at home or work.
  • Has a power rating of 7kW and gives 30 miles per hour of charge.
  • Durable, reliable & weatherproof.
  • Mounts to the wall in your garage, driveway or carport.
  • One of our most popular POD Points.
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Category: Garage

The POD Point Solo (S7) has a power rating of 7kW and will charge your electric car from zero to full in roughly three to four hours. The S7 will give you 30 extra miles per hour of charge and is perfect for charging at home, at work or at the shops.

This is an easy and reliable way to charge your car, whether it’s a plug-in hybrid or fully electric. Like all POD Points the solo (S7) is very durable, has built-in safety features and can function in extreme climates (like in Norway, where POD Points are used without issue in sub-Arctic conditions).

The Solo (S7) also facilitates the driving of an electric vehicle, something that comes with many benefits that include less expensive running costs and a reduced environmental impact.

When compared with fossil fuels like petrol or diesel, electricity is very inexpensive and significant savings can be made (to see how much you could save, check out the POD Pig savings calculator). As plug-in electric vehicles have reduced exhaust emissions and full electrics have none, by driving one you are also reducing your impact on the environment and helping improve air quality.

The S7 comes in three types; POD Point can advise you which type is best for you based on the electric vehicle that you drive.

Type 1
The Type 1 has a tethered cable attached and is often referred to as a J1772.

Type 2
The Type 2 has a tethered cable attached and is often referred to as a Mennekes.

The Universal has no cable attached, but instead has a socket. Any car can charge on this POD Point. You will need to have your own cable, which should have come with your car (click here if you need to get one).

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