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Airbon The Sqair™

Get the most clean air for your money with this air purifier for the home

  • The Sqair™ reportedly gives more clean air for your money than any other purifier in the world!
  • Fills a 40m2 space with clean air in just 25 minutes
  • Sleek, Scandinavian-style design – white metal case and wooden legs to reduce vibration
  • Energy efficient and extremely quiet
  • Stripped back to basics, The Sqair™ provides simple, no-nonsense clean air

The world doesn’t need another air purifier company that overcharges you for clean air with fancy marketing hype and unnecessary extras.

Underneath its gorgeous skin, The Sqair™ takes the purifier back to basics: a powerful fan and data-backed HEPA filter. That’s all you need to breathe clean air.

Designed with seven blades to balance high airflow with low noise, The Sqair™ has three speeds in a simple, easy-to-use design. On high, The Sqair™ pumps out enough clean air for a 40sqm room. On low it whispers quietly while giving enough clean air for a 15sqm bedroom.

Pitched against ‘The Telegraph – Top Home Air Purifiers’ April 2020, The Sqair™ provided the most clean air for your money. It is also the quietest, uses the least electricity and of course, it is the cheapest!

The Sqair™ comes with a HEPA filter; The Sqair™ Chemical Warfare pack comes with both HEPA and Carbon filters

Product Information
Outer case is white metal and the legs are made from beech wood, which reduces noise and vibrations
The packaging is 99% plastic free
Dimensions: 365mm (h) x 333mm (w) x 333mm (d)
UK plug: cord length 1800mm

To set up, screw on the legs and remove the filter(s) from the bag.

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