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Waterhaul sunglasses

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  • Frames made from 100% recycled fishing nets intercepted from the ocean.
  • Paired with polarised Barberini mineral glass UV400, recyclable lenses.
  • End-of-life ‘Recycle and Replace’ guarantee.
  • Prescription and optical lenses available.
  • 20% discount for readers with code GREEN20.
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Waterhaul, a social enterprise based in Cornwall, intercepts plastic from our oceans and transforms it into high-quality, functional products for adventure and ‘symbols for change’.

Every year 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear is lost or discarded in the ocean. These nets are produced from strong, high-quality plastics, meaning they won’t degrade. They persist in the ocean, catching and killing marine life over and over again.

Waterhaul is directly tackling abandoned fishing nets, the most harmful form of plastic pollution, through collaborative net collection and beach cleaning schemes. The next step is to turn this ‘waste’ into a resource.

In Spring 2019, Waterhaul launched its first release – a range of eyewear frames made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Two styles of functional, durable frames are available, paired with polarised, mineral glass lenses to create the most sustainable product possible.

Both the Kynance and Fitzroy style frames contain 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled fishing nets. Frames come in a dark grey matte. Being 100% recycled, each pair has unique, subtle flecked patterns which allude to their origin.

The frames are covered by Waterhaul’s ‘Recycle and Replace’ lifetime guarantee: damaged frames components can go back into the plastic recycling loop to create new pairs.

The extremely high-quality, polarised Barberini Platinum Glass™ glass lenses are usually reserved for high-end designer eyewear. Optical glass is the clearest medium through which we can observe the world and guarantees:

  • The clearest possible perception of colours and contrasts, with maximum UV protection up to 400 nm (UV400)
  • High resistance to scratches and mechanical stress
  • 100% recyclability
  • Lifetime warranty manufacturing defects and breakages