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Concentrated natural cleaning refills to keep your costs and footprint down

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  • 100% natural and organic, earth-beneficial cleaning products.
  • Living ingredients that continue to microscopically clean for three days.
  • Naturally removes allergens and increases hygiene levels.
  • Concentrated refills to cut waste and weight.
  • Lovingly brewed in the English countryside.

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Now you can transform everyday cleaning into an act of love for yourself and the planet.

Turn your back on chemical cleaners and use billions of beneficial bacteria to support healthy indoor environments instead.

We Are Probiotic hand-brews organic cleaning products that fill your indoor spaces with life.

One spray releases billions of beneficial microbes that continue to microscopically clean for three days.

This Refill Pack contains three concentrated 5ml refills for the We Are Probiotic Air and Fabric, Multi-Surface and Hard Floor Cleaner bottles, which come with a lifetime guarantee. Adding water at home reduces weight and packaging, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money.

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We Are Probiotic’s brewing process is carbon neutral and no unnecessary water is shipped to make the products. In fact, the cleaning products actually help to heal our waterways.

All bottles include Active Bottle Purification to keep the product fresh and active; the company’s refill sachets have 99% less plastic.

We Are Probiotic doesn’t believe that ethical products should be exclusive, so it has found a way to make its products even more cost-effective than standard cleaners.

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