Wisper 705 SE e-bike

A simple, lightweight & affordable electric bike suitable for beginners & pros alike

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • The market-leading cadence sensor provides instantaneous and responsive power to support you on the hills.
  • An almost silent cycling experience, whether you’re commuting or riding further afield.
  • Financial support is available through the Green Commute Initiative.
  • Wisper has more than 12 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing e-bikes.

Cycling can require high levels of fitness and motivation to cover even short distances – and that’s where e-bikes come in. Put simply, an electric bike is a bicycle that is electrically assisted via a motor. You still have to pedal, though – the motor simply provides assistance!

Pedal power – e-bikes are taking off in the UK – and a new tax break could encourage even more people to saddle up

Product info

The 705 SE with Step-through frame is exceptionally well styled, looks great and, with prices starting at £1,099, represents excellent value for money.

Its adaptable unisex design meets the needs of lots of different riders and provides a great (virtually silent) riding experience, whether you’re commuting through busy city streets or simply hitting the open road.

Designed with the addition of an oversized down tube for improved stiffness, the Step-through is Wisper’s best-selling multi-purpose bike.

The 705 SE e-bike model also features lots of great value for money components including Shimano 7 speed gears, Tektro disc brakes, front and rear LED lighting and Wisper’s comfort saddle.

When the Wisper high efficiency, 250W high torque brushless motor is combined with the Samsung 575Wh battery, this e-bike can deliver a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge.

The 705 SE comes in matt Baby Blue, Red or Black.

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