How does the Marketplace work?

The Marketplace enables you to sell your products directly on Once invited to join, MyGreenPod will create your own store page and, for the first 100 stores only, upload your initial products to get you started.

All of your products and settings can be managed from your own secure admin panel, so you have full control over your shop, 24/7.

Pricing, shipping & order fulfillment

We will need you to provide the product at trade price, and we will sell it at its RRP plus shipping cost (which goes directly to you, the seller).

MyGreenPod does not hold your stock; all orders are passed directly to you for fulfillment. Your business will be responsible for shipping the product to the client.

Payment due to you is captured by MyGreenPod and can be withdrawn at any time from your account administration panel (minus the commission due to MyGreenPod).


Info we require about your business

  • Store name
  • Full address for any correspondence
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Twitter account URL (if you have one)
  • Facebook account URL (if you have one)
  • Logo (min 500px x 500px JPEG at 72 dpi)

Info we require for each product

  • Product name
  • Full description of product
  • Images (at least one per product, up to five max) 1000px x 1000px JPEG at 72dpi – ideally on a white background
  • Price (RRP, in £), inclusive of VAT
  • Is the product taxable (we only sell to the UK)? What is the rate of tax to be applied?
  • Store category you would want this product listed in, e.g. Men’s Clothes > Trousers
  • Procuct SKU (if you have one)
  • Does the product have variants? i.e. Size: Small, Large etc. or Colour: Blue, Red etc. Please list the variants and the prices for these variants if they differ from the main price
  • Simple UK shipping cost of the product, exclusive of VAT