If you or someone you know makes or sells an ethical product, get it on our Marketplace!

Our new Marketplace will let you trade and show off your gorgeous green pearls – from bikes to beauty products – in a great environment that’s full of good stuff.

After your product’s been vetted, we’ll give you the keys to the Marketplace so you can set up your own online shop! You’ll have complete control over your stock and orders and we won’t interfere with how you want to run things. We’ll just help you to share your good stuff with great people.

The bonus is that your stock will feature alongside other great ethical products – from known brands and small family-run businesses. Shoppers will be able to browse all the stuff they need to live a more conscious (and fun) lifestyle, but that might not necessarily be stocked in the local supermarket.

Collectively, all this good stuff will help make great things happen.

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