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Aura-Soma Archangeloi Metatron 20ml


Archangeloi Chamael
Aura-Soma Archangeloi Metatron 20ml


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Atmospheric aura spray for immediate revitalising aromatherapy. Aura-Soma’s Archangeloi Metatron helps to focus your intention, better recognise your accomplishments during times of change and bring you closer to self-understanding.

Use sparingly whenever you feel your colour levels need topping up throughout the day. Press one short spray over the left shoulder, one short spray above the crown and one short spray over the right shoulder. Aura-Soma wellness products are intended to enhance your happiness and vitality, with this scent encouraging the development of positive change within yourself and those around you.

This scent is very much to do with the invocation of the light and the dark, to do with the balance between these aspects within ourselves. When we use this Archangeloi, we’re also feeling the sense of the awakening and cooperation that exists within.

– Related to Archangel Metatron, who since Lucifer’s fall has been sitting close to the throne.
– Metatron is a force of reconciliation and recognition for ourselves.
– Finding light in the conscious mind, light synonymous with peace, love, awareness.
– Invoke within our auric sphere light awareness to conditioned patterns.
– The smell invokes the light and the dark, balancing these aspects within ourselves.

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This is a Hero because it’s a sustainable option that does the trick brilliantly. We believe it is best in its class – and we can’t wait for you to try it, too!
Jarvis Smith & Katie Hill, Co-Founders
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