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Aura-Soma Full Set Archangeloi (9x20ml)


Aura-Soma Full Set Archangeloi (9x20ml)


Product description

Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi helps to focus your intention, better recognise your accomplishments during times of change, and bring you closer to self-understanding. They support the greater potential of an individual, group or community.

The Archangel Air Conditioners are composed of energised essential oils gently mixed with vegetable alcohol and contained within a violet glass bottle with a non-propellant pump spray. You might choose an Air Conditioner that is complementary to its corresponding Equilibrium bottle, or make your selection based on the colours, qualities or resonance you are drawn to.

Use sparingly whenever you feel your colour levels need topping up throughout the day. Press one short spray over the left shoulder, one short spray above the crown and one short spray over the right shoulder. Aura-Soma wellness products are intended to enhance your happiness and vitality, with this scent encouraging the development of positive change within yourself and those around you.

Included in this set:

  • Archangeloi Michael – May help us to clear the way towards opening our hearts. The energies of this Essence may support us in letting go of intense fears and anxieties.
  • Archangeloi Gabriel – May lead us towards developing the ability to be true to ourself.
  • Archangeloi Raphael – Encourages a soothing balm of peace, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and wholeness.
  • Archangeloi Uriel – Helps to support the growth towards clarity of intuitive perception.
  • Archangeloi Sandalphon – Brings an understanding of the meaning of interdependence and community.
  • Archangeloi Tzadkiel – Brings the possibility of rebirth, a new persepective in our understanding and experience of love.
  • Archangeloi Metatron – can help us to sense and strengthen our support for the wealth of all; the talents, qualities and potentials within us.
  • Archangeloi Jophiel – Offers a way for us to perceive a greater truth, harmony and hope.
  • Archangeloi Chamael – Brings love and caring into the energy field. This gentle energy leads to greater self acceptance and compassion.
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