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Aura-Soma Full Set Pomander Atomisers (18×2.5ml Vials)


Aura-Soma Full Set Pomander Atomisers (18×2.5ml Vials)


Product description

This set has one of each of the 17 pomanders in a handy 2.5ml glass vial. Ideal for cleansing the aura and protection, the pomanders bring the instant effects of the colours.

This is a really good way to get to know the pomanders and the individual vials can be replaced without having to purchase a whole new set. The set comes with instructions for use and information about each pomander.

Carry along your favourite Aura-Soma Pomander to help calm, clean, and stabilise yourself and personal space, wherever you go. Place 3 drops in the palm of your left hand, rub together with your right and pass through and around your aura and chakras to surround yourself with a delicate protective web of refreshment that lasts for several hours. Finish by inhaling the fragrance from between your hands with three deep breaths.

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