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Aura-Soma Turquoise Pomander Air Conditioner 100ml


Turquoise Pomander Air Conditioner 100ml
Aura-Soma Turquoise Pomander Air Conditioner 100ml


Product description

This fragrance may assist with creative inspiration and communication from the feeling side of our being.

As with the personal support Pomanders, each Pomander Air Conditioner contains varying concentrations of 49 extracts (7×7, corresponding to the 7 sub-levels of the 7 chakras) from plants and herbs in a vegetable-based alcohol solution. Seven herbs relate to the specific colour of the Pomander, and the other 42 herbs relate to the more subtle energies and potencies. Each corresponds to a colour in the Equilibrium range.

Aura-Soma Air Conditioners provide atmospheric support to your living and/or workspace. A few short sprays into the atmosphere will disperse the energies throughout a desired area in your home, office, treatment room or workshop space.

– Fragrance: Sweet, spicy, fresh.
– Essential Oils: Myrrh, jasmine, peppermint, sandalwood, bergamot.
– Crystal Energies: Turquoise.
– Chakra: The Ananda Khanda chakra, located on the right side of the chest, which stimulates the opening of the heart. Encompasses the area between the 4th/Heart and 5th/Throat Chakras.
– Keynote: Creativity and playfulness.

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