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Aura-Soma Violet Colour Essence 30ml


Violet Colour Essence 30ml
Aura-Soma Violet Colour Essence 30ml


Product description

This fragrance may stimulate a sense of wellbeing and service through greater understanding and new insights within the mystery of existence in each moment.

Working with Essences helps to connect the soul of nature to the nature of the soul and who we are in our totality. Essences gently encourage rather than compel change, working through vibrational resonance rather than biochemical intervention.

Place a few drops directly onto your wrist points or temples; blend with your favourite face creams, body lotions and massage oils; or sprinkle a few drops into your bath water.

– Chakras: 7th/Crown.
– Plant Energy: Pansy.
– Tree Energy: Mistletoe.
– Crystal Energy: Amethyst.
– Mineral: Cobalt.

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