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An oxygen based antibacterial and sanitizing in-wash whitener, odour and stain remover. Does not contain chlorine bleaching agents. To be used in conjunction with Bio-D Laundry Liquid or Washing Powder to remove stains and to keep whites light and colours bright.

  • Made in the UK
  • Sustainable, naturally derived raw materials
  • No petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • BUAV and Vegan Society Approved
  • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Anti bacterial action
  • Great on stubborn stains and odours
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Enough for 26 washes
  • Non-irritant

Size: 400g

The most common form of ‘Bleach’ is Chlorine Bleach and is primarily used for killing germs in toilets, sinks and drains and also for whitening clothes.

Of course, it is quite aggressive and damaging to the environment. Laundry Oxygen Bleach, though, is designed for the removal of difficult stains. It is hydrogen peroxide in a granule with Soda Crystals, with no other additives such as enzymes or petrochemical based detergents. Also, it is in easily recyclable packaging – unlike the plastic tubs that many other stain removing products are supplied in.

Oxygen bleach can be:

  • Made into a paste and applied directly to stains and left
  • Used as a pre-soak
  • Used as an additive to your washing machine.

Oxygen Bleach is also suitable for upholstery and carpets – after having tested an inconspicuous spot first

In the Washing Machine

To brighten whites and remove stains – add 40g (approx 2 dessert spoons) to your usual amount of washing detergent.

Pre-Wash Stain Removal

For individual stains, make a paste with water and place onto the stain. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse under cold water, wash as usual. (Always check for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area first).

Pre-Wash Soaking

Dissolve 20g (approx 1 tablespoon) in a sink with warm water (approx 4 litres). Soak for up to 1 hour (longer for whites) and then wash immediately as normal.


    Do not use on wool, silk, leather or fabrics with treated surfaces.
    Do not use on fabrics with metal buttons or zips. If in doubt, test a small inconspicuous area.
    Users with sensitive skin are advised to wear gloves when using this product.


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