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Breadrin Brunch IPA (12 bottles)


Breadrin Beer
Breadrin Brunch IPA (12 bottles)


Product description

12 fermented kvas drinks, brilliant for gut health. Made from leftover sourdough, avocado and lime leaves. 1.2% alcohol.

A refreshing and pleasant interpretation of a forgotten, low-alcohol favourite. Brewed with sourdough, sourced from artisan bakeries, that would otherwise go to waste.

The use of by-products such as avocado leaf gives a light and delicate aniseed/liquorice profile; kaffir lime leaves add citrus notes and floral undertones.

Ingredients: water, sourdough bread, avocado leaf, kaffir lime leaf, yeast, sugar

  • A fresh and modern interpretation of kvas.
  • Ideal alternative to higher ABV products.
  • Makes use of sourdough that’s surplus to requirements.
  • Uses natural by-products for a unique flavour.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Contains gluten and wheat.
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