ChicP Beetroot & Apple Veggie Bites


3 packs of 110g. Delicious, soft and nutritious veggie bites made with beetroot and apple packed with nutrients and protein.

ChicP Beetroot & Apple Veggie Bites


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Product Description

Sweet, crunchy and delightfully healthy. Flavourful, beautifully pink and irresistible with a big salad, as a topping on pasta or just dunked into some ChicP hummus!

Chickpeas (63%), beetroot, apple, onion, carrot, sunflower oil, water, dried potato flakes, matzo meal (WHEATFLOUR, water ), methyl cellulose, salt, cumin, garlic, coriander, bicarbonate of soda, parsley, pepper, lemon juice. Fried in sunflower oil.

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