Cooper King Sharing Selection


The option of two boxes. Each box containing 3x 100ml bottles of Cooper King team’s favourite selections.

Cooper King Sharing Selection
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Product Description

Bring the distillery to you. Cooper King have curated two collections of their team’s favourite spirits for you to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your own home. Each Sharing Selection box consists of 3x 100ml glass bottles (the equivalent of 12 gin and tonics), along with tasting notes and serving suggestions.

They’re perfect for treating yourself, sharing with friends over a dinner party or giving as a gift. What’s more, they fit through a letterbox so there’s no need to wait in for delivery.

Box 1 Contains

  • 1x Dry Gin, 42% abv
  • 1x Berry + Basil Gin Liqueur, 25% abv
  • 1x Herb Gin, 40% abv
  • 1x Welcome Card
  • 3x Tasting & Serving Guides

Box 2 Contains

  • 1x Skosh Smoked + Spiced Dry Gin, 41% abv
  • 1x Black Cardamom Botanical Vodka, 40% abv
  • 1x New-Make Malt Spirit, 47% abv
  • 1x Welcome Card
  • 3x Tasting & Serving Guides

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