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CSJ Calm Down!


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Product description

Natural Herbal Mix For Stressed, Nervous, Anxious Dogs.

Ideal to feed a nervous dog in the weeks leading up to bonfire night and through to New Year celebrations, when it seems that fireworks are going off for weeks on end.

If your dog is at all ring shy or stressed by these big occasions, ‘Calm Down!’ could be the answer but you need to start using it NOW(!) to give it a chance to help. In fact, we would recommend giving double the daily amount for the first 21 days to really get the product into your dog’s system. Please don’t leave it too late – it could be the difference between winning and …disappointment. Now recommended by several Behavioural Trainers and Vets.


I’m sure all dog owners/handlers/trainers would wish for our little monsters to calm down on numerous occasions (!) so ‘Calm Down!’ has been compiled specifically for dogs that have aggressive or nervous tendencies, suffer with car sickness, have an aversion to noise, or perhaps have anxiety complexes. We now have several winners in the show ring that prior to using ‘Calm Down!’ would not go near a hall – in fact, some of the feedback we have received is almost too good to be true!


Camomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Lime Flowers, Skullcap.

Camomile is valuable in helping support the nervous system. Commonly known as the most popular herbal tea for a “relaxing sleep”, Chamomile is often used as a ‘calming and digestive aid’. It can also help maintain healthy skin. Lemon Balm is known for its ‘calming’ action. It was thought historically that Lemon Balm relieved melancholy or in our modern terms “stress”. Vervain’s main property is to help support the nervous system but is also a ‘calmer’ and can help give the dog a general ‘boost’. Skullcap can be beneficial for dogs showing signs of excitability and general restlessness.

Size: 200g Pouch

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