Degradable Carrier Bags Pack of 50


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These bags are lightweight with a strength of 17 micron making them suitable for carrying around heavy loads. They have a practical size of 11 x 17 x 21 to ensure a reasonable amount of shopping can be loaded into them. The bags are white in colour with big and bold green writing on them to state that they are 100% degradable. If kept under normal storage conditions these bags will last for 2 years. Once subjected to light, heat or stress the bags will begin to degrade over a period of 14 weeks. If put on a landfill site the bags will take 60 days to degrade.

  • Degrades within 2 years
  • Versatile & lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Size: 11 x 17 x 21
  • Strength: 17 micron

Weight 270 g


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