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Eco Green Living Compostable Dog Bags


Eco Green Living Dog Bags
Eco Green Living Compostable Dog Bags
Product description

These plastic-free compostable dog waste bags are certified to the highest standard, so if you choose to compost them, they will decompose completely within 40 days leaving no harmful substances behind.

Eco Green Living’s BioBag range of compostable bags is far superior to competitor brands that claim to have compostable products that may not be completely compostable.

Eco Green Living specialises in easy household eco-swaps, so you can have a positive impact on the planet, one small step at a time. Help to protect your environment, parks, and green spaces by storing a bag in your car for convenience.

  • Available to buy as 1 roll or in bulk (30 packs of 10 x large dog bags)
  • AIB Vinçotte (OK Compost) and European Standard EN 7P2045 compostable.
  • Made from 100% natural and renewable resources.
  • Packaged in a convenient recycled and recyclable box.
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