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Elena Drew This Polar Bear Art Print


Elena Drew This Polar A3 Print
Elena Drew This Polar Bear Art Print
Product description

An educational art print, raising awareness of the melting ice.

Arctic temperatures are rising twice as fast as the rest of the world. Animals that depend on this icy climate, such as polar bears, are increasingly at risk as their habitat and food sources disappear. This informative art print features a high-quality graphic print on the front and an educational message on the reverse! Available in A4 or A3.

Elena is a digital illustrator and print designer with designs reflecting a range of environmental issues, aiming to encourage further research and exploration. Elena’s creations turn factual and statistical data into fascinating and thought-provoking designs.

  • Designed and printed in the UK, onto recycled, unbleached 300gsm card.
  • All packaging is 100% recycled & recyclable (or biodegradable!).
  • Due to the recycled nature of this product, some slight imperfections on the print may be present.
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