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Fungtn New Shiitake Dark Lager (12 or 24 cans)


Fungtn New Shiitake Dark Lager (12 or 24 cans)
Product description

This craft beer is brewed with adaptogenic mushrooms for maximum wellbeing – it comes without gluten, animal derivatives, alcohol or hangovers!

The alcohol-free beer is enhanced with shiitake, used as a medicinal and culinary mushroom all over the world to support nutritional health and wellbeing.

This is magic – but not as you know it!

The crisp, refreshingly dark and alcohol-free lager contains organic adaptogenic shiitake mushrooms.

Myco (mushroom-based) adaptogens is a class of superfood fungi that have been used in traditional medicine and wellness for thousands of years.

Their complex, delicate flavour means they blend well into drinks – especially beer.

Brewed to 0.5% with a functional finish of organic shiitake notes, this malted dark lager has a light toasted biscuit finish.

You get 0.5g of shiitake mushroom extract per 330ml.

Water, hops, barley, malt, wheat, yeast, shiitake

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