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Fungtn Reishi Citra Beer


Fungtn Reishi Citra Beer


Product description

Alcohol-free Citra beer brewed with Reishi mushroom.

This 0.5% Citra beer has juicy, sweet and sour flavours with a pineapple, grapefruit nose. Enhanced with organic Reishi, a nutrient-dense functional mushroom and adaptogen. Adaptogens are plants and fungi that have additional bioavailable compounds that help our bodies adapt to stress, support our immunity and keep natural balance.

Fungtn wanted to do more than just remove the alcohol for a more mindful beer, by creating additional positive wellness through including the amazing superfood that is fungi. No, your beer won’t taste like mushrooms, but it will help keep your mind and body in good form. Alcohol free craft beer brewed with organic Reishi mushroom.

  • 0.5g Reishi mushroom extract per 330ml
  • Gluten-free and vegan friendly.
  • Alcohol free (0.5% ABV) to create social ceremony with more mindful choices.

Water, hops, barley, wheat, oats, yeast, Reishi

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