Grow Your Own Llama – Cress Figure


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These animals come packed in a box with seeds and full instructions.

Simply fill the animal with water and soak the seeds for an hour or so, then gently cover the surface of the animal with the moist seeds. 

Leave the animal for a few days, making sure it is kept topped up with water. Soon you will have your own hairy animal and some home grown cress for your salads! Of course, you can keep re-using your animal over and over again. 

These make a fun and original present for people of any age. 

When you have finished growing your cress seeds, why not grow some fresh Chia using the animal? Delicious, and nutrtitious – grow Chia like you grow cress, and sprinle on salads etc.

Brought to this country from Bolivia  by a Fair Trade importer.

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