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In The Loop Semi-Sweet Red Vermouth


In The Loop Drinks Semi Sweet Red Vermouth
In The Loop Semi-Sweet Red Vermouth


Product description

A semi-sweet red vermouth created with English grapes and a careful blend of botanicals. Perfect in a negroni or Manhattan.

Created with a careful blend of both exotic and homegrown botanicals including Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla, Spanish oranges and Devonshire cornflowers.

Enticing aromas of orange and vanilla greet you on the nose, followed by a gentle warming spice and a clean fruity finish. This semi-sweet vermouth, the first in the exotic collection, shows off a harmonious fusion of herbs and spices expertly blended from home and abroad.

Fresh and pure on the palate, each of the vermouths from In The Loop are ideal to drink on their own as an apéritif or digestif, combined with quality traditional mixers or as a versatile cocktail ingredient.

In The Loop is a small winery based in Uckfield, East Sussex. Everything is made on site using English wine, predominantly fresh, homegrown or foraged botanicals and spirits from local distilleries. This was the first producer of an all-English vermouth made exclusively from English wine and only English botanicals.

In The Loop is 100% committed to sustainability and all its products are created in line with advancing a circular economy.

  • Gluten free.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • 16% ABV.
  • Contains sulphites.
  • Perfect in a in a negroni or a Manhattan.
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